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Many parents have inquired if there is anything that they can do to help develop this site. Please read the questionnaire below - thanks!

Feel free to email pictures, comments, or suggestions for the website. Please tell me if you don't want me to post your content. Any pictures used will be kept anonymous; I will attribute other contributions where appropriate. I try to respond to emails individually, but due to time constraints I may not be able to. ALSO please check your employer's SPAM policy, to ensure that you will be able to receive my reply.

Just as a responsible medical doctor will not prescribe treatment over the Internet, neither will I offer therapeutic intervention by email. I appreciate your understanding!


I have created this set of questions to enable parents to contribute valuable material. Feel free to answer as few or as many questions as you like. All responses will be kept anonymous. Please copy/paste questions into your response and send to

1. What is the nature of your child's hand anomaly? How old is your child now? In what part of the country do you reside?

2. When did your child first notice his hand anomaly (what age/circumstance) or, when did your child first ask you about the anomaly? How did you respond? Describe what happened.

3. Has your child ever been teased about her hand? When/how often does it happen? How do/did you handle it?

4. In general, would you say that your child accepts his hand? What does he say about his hand to others?

5. Does your child have a prosthesis(es)? Please describe it. When was it made, by whom, for what purpose, how does it function, does your child wear it, what was the process like having it made?

6. Has your child ever had pain in the anomalous or "normal" hand? What seemed to trigger the pain? What did you do to relieve the pain?

7. What kinds of therapeutic services has your child had (for example, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, etc.)? What was the reason for these therapies? How helpful were they for your child? Would you use them again?

8. Has your child had surgery on her hand? What type? Who performed the surgery? Please describe the benefits/improvements.

9. Are there any gadgets/devices that make your child's life easier? Please describe them.

10. Have you and your child ever been to a support group for children with hand anomalies? What was that like?

11. Does your child drive? Does he use any special controls to maneuver the car?

12. What one thing do you really wish you had known prior to having a child with a hand anomaly?

13. What has been easier than you expected in raising a child with a hand anomaly? What has been more difficult?

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