Other Voices: LFP Weekend 2023 Reflections

My absolute favorite thing about events like the Lucky Fin Project weekend, is the community.

People of the disability community often do not come from parents or other family members who have the same-ish condition; they also are unlikely to have other classmates or peers in their hometowns that share elements of the same experience.

This makes so many of us feel so alone in our experience. When in reality, maybe a 2 hour drive away, is someone else or another family that is just like us who navigating all the same things thinking they are alone too.

There is something magical about witnessing someone hold their plate like you, hold their beer like you, and speak up about how annoying buffet lines are. There is Something magical about parents connecting and having candid conversations on how to navigate things their kids ask and how to sift through all of the thoughts and feelings of having a kiddo with a limb difference.

More so, my favorite thing, is crowding around – sharing stories, connecting on our experiences and the squeals of ‘omg!! ME TOO!!’ – from silly things, to dumb things, to heartfelt things.

There is such an incredible beauty in being in a space surrounded by so many people who ‘get it.’

You can lay your warrior-self down to rest, you don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t have to deep breath through the stares and judgement and questions.

You can be- and for that I am so grateful!!

Here’s to all of these beautiful safe spaces we create where we can all just be!!

Sarah Tuberty, OTD, OTR/L, Aerial Artist, Flight Attendant, Occupational Therapist, Podcaster, @aerials.and.airplanes,

To all the families who attended LFP weekend 2023 … Applause to you. You are doing amazing! Your kids will remember these moments forever! I thank you for being willing to travel miles for your kid to have this experience. You are brave too.

I appreciate you all for being willing to learn your kids’ new community.

There is something magical and unexplainable when you witness people experience their first time seeing someone who is just like them! It’s like the stars have aligned for all of us to meet each other.

Thank you @mollystapes !! You are my longest long distance relationship I’ve ever had. ♥️ ⭐️@lucky_fin_project

Leah Kaplan, athlete, @leahkap_tri

For my (Laura’s) personal reflections from LFP weekend 2023, look here.

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