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Fall 2023 Leadership Corps
Winter 2024 Leadership Corps


The PMG Leadership Corps (LC) is a selective internship experience for a small group of talented and motivated undergraduates seeking to enter the OT or PT profession. Through close work, mentoring, and in depth learning, students develop leadership and planning skills and practical application of knowledge. Getting to know students in greater depth enables me to offer mentoring and support during the graduate school application process. 


  • Undergraduates who are interested in applying for the Leadership Corps are welcome and encouraged to apply (please see link below). 
  • Priority for the Leadership Corps will be given to interns who have already completed the PMG internship and/or seniors and juniors (returning interns do not need to redo the PMG application). Students will be chosen on the basis of leadership experiences and personal qualities. (Note: The LC for the fall, 2024 PMG is full and no longer accepting applications. Students are encouraged to apply for the winter 2025 LC.)
  • Students interested in applying for the PMG Leadership Corps must complete the regular Preschool Motor Group Internship application AND the PMG Leadership Corps Application prior to the internship interview to let me know that they are interested.
  • Students who are drawn to apply to the Leadership Corps often tend to be highly organized and heavily involved in extracurricular activities, which make them good leaders. 
  • But due to the nature of the preschool motor group program, being on the leadership team requires a good deal of mental flexibility as well as time – 30 minutes to 2 hours weekly each week – to assist with various aspects of running the motor group. Since responsibilities may change over the course of the internship, it is not possible to outline every expectation prior to the start of the program.
  • Ideally, students will be notified prior to the start of the program if they have been chosen for the leadership cohort. 

Time Commitment: Minimum 60 hours  

  • 8 hours training time (assist with trainings)
  • 40 hours over 10 weekly sessions running hands on stations with preschoolers
  • Minimum 12 additional hours of:
    • 30 minutes to 1 hour weekly assistance to run the motor group (see responsibilities section below)
    • projects to develop leadership, understanding of treatment planning, and practical application of knowledge
  • In the case of a motor group that runs in the fall (September-December), students will have the opportunity to complete projects by the end of January of the next calendar year. In the case of a motor group that runs in the winter (January-March), students will have the opportunity to complete projects by the end of June of the same calendar year.  

Helpful Qualities and Skills 

  • Helpful qualities: adaptable, conscientious, creative, dependable, hard working, imaginative, inquisitive, motivated, self-reflective   
  • Helpful skills: ability to take initiative and work independently, good communicator, ability to problem solve and think critically, experience working on a team, previous leadership experiences, ability to accept direction/constructive feedback
  • Familiarity with Google docs, Google sheets, GroupMe, Canva, DropBox

Expectations & Responsibilities

The Leadership Corps members work as a team to run the motor group. Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Collaborating with Laura on the weekly motor group curriculum, making changes to the weekly plan and the data forms as needed to accommodate the children’s skill development: LC interns assist with preparing a minimum of two weeks of the motor group
  • Weekly leader tasks during motor group: explain station changes and new activities to interns during station roundup, keep time for stations, write notes on what’s working well vs. needs changes, take photos of children engaged in the activities
  • Managing data in Google spreadsheets during and after the motor group
  • Communicating with non-LC interns about their experiences
  • Creating short videos about the activities
  • Assisting with written communication about the children’s progress with the preschool teachers, such as carry over activities for the classroom 
  • Respond to Laura’s and LC’s questions/suggestions via text
  • Regular Leadership Corps meetings with Laura: a minimum of 4 meetings over Zoom, one or two prior to the start of the motor group, every two-three weeks during the motor group, and one or two after the end of the motor group

Additional Projects

Leadership Corps members also:

  • Complete additional projects under supervision throughout the program, such as: creating handouts for parents/caregivers on a specific motor skill, identifying helpful, websites, creating short videos about the activities, writing weekly summaries for social media posts, or researching academic publications for articles on specific motor skill development (4-5 hours)
  • Engage in additional assigned independent learning (2-3 hours)
  • Write reflections on the internship experience and provide details and details for the graduate school application process about leadership, communication skills, initiative, and perseverance during the internship (1-2 hours)

Testimonials from Leadership Corps Participants (2022 and 2023)

I felt like I learned a great deal about myself as a leader and felt also that being part of the Leadership Corps gave me a better opportunity to learn and develop these skills.

My overall experience with the Leadership Corps was a great way for me to become more aware of the planning involved with the motor group. I was able to learn about how we are able to change and alter different stations. I think it was very interesting to see how the different weeks help build on different developmental skills. Being a part of the Leadership Corps allowed me to see how and why we are targeting specific areas.

I really enjoyed being in the Leadership Corps. I got a lot out of it and am grateful for the opportunity to work and learn with my peers. The extra activities that we got to do will be very beneficial for me moving forward in my schooling and professional path.

For additional testimonials, read here.


Applications will be considered and positions filled on a rolling basis. Students interested in the PMG Leadership Corps need to complete both applications: the regular Preschool Motor Group Internship Application AND the Leadership Corps Application prior to the internship interview to let me know that you are interested.

More Information 

Questions are always welcome. If you would like to speak with one of the previous participants in the Leadership Corps to learn more, please let me know and I will try to connect you with someone. I look forward to meeting students who are interested in the internship and determining if this is a good fit on both sides! Please reach out to me through the contact page.

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