Questions for the Physician/Specialist

Here are some questions that you may want to ask any specialist whom you consult about your child’s hand/arm development. You may wish to seek multiple opinions from a range of specialists, such as pediatrician, orthopedist, geneticist, or plastic surgeon.

  • What caused the limb difference?
  • Is the difference part of a larger syndrome?
  • What are some functional problems that my child is likely to encounter?
  • What can we do to help our child develop and improve function?
  • What types of medical interventions might be helpful? What are the benefits versus downsides of those interventions? 
  • If there are significant downsides, would you do this intervention for your own child? 
  • What other kinds of therapies could we pursue?
  • Does your office have a list of mentor families whose children have undergone similar interventions or who have similar hand/arm differences so that we can ask about their experiences?
  • How often should we arrange follow-up appointments/check ups?
  • Is there a local support group affiliated with this facility and do you know how often they meet?

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