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Internships Background

Since 2018, 95 undergraduates from The Ohio State University, Otterbein, and Capital University have interned with On The Other Hand Therapy. These students’ areas of study have ranged from biology and health sciences to psychology and global health, and the majority have been on pre-PA, pre-OT, pre-PT or pre-SLP tracks. Many of these students have gone on to attend entry level clinical doctorate and masters degree programs in therapeutic fields at a variety of universities.

To let us know about your interest in an internship, please fill out the intern interest form or apply for the PMG internship here). There are four possible internship opportunities, three of which fill on a rolling basis. The preschool motor group internship has limited enrollment windows. The next fall preschool motor group will run September through December, 2024 and the next winter group will run January through March 2025.

Internship Descriptions  

Internships can be in person or virtual or a combination of both.

  • In-Person Internships:
    • Preschool Motor Group (PMG) Internship:
      • Undergraduates interested in pursuing OT, PT, IS, and SLP who have experience working with children have the opportunity to learn from an experienced pediatric OT about child development.
      • After participating in extensive training, the interns deliver a 10 week innovative program that consists of 40 minute weekly developmental motor labs for preschoolers who attend a parochial (religious based) preschools, during the school day. The majority of the children are typically-developing; a small number have been identified as having special needs and/or are in the process of being identified for services.
      • During the sessions, teams of 2-3 interns lead the children in groups of 2-3 through multi-sensory stations that enable them to strengthen their core muscles, mature their brain/body connections, and engage in multisensory activities. In working directly with the children, the interns help them develop and practice foundational motor skills that promote later academic, emotional regulation, and athletic success.
      • The preschoolers enjoy the age-appropriate, challenging, fun, and social activities, and look forward to each motor group session, as well as getting to know the interns.
      • Read about the internship and apply.
    • Private Practice Internship: (please note that this internship is in extremely high demand and there are very limited spaces)
      • Under supervision, undergraduate interns who assist with weekly OT treatment sessions will observe and participate in all aspects of occupational therapy service provision to clients ages 3 to 14. Parts of the internship may be completed virtually, such as treatment planning, researching topics, website development, and contributing to one or more projects. 
      • Provision of OT services includes:
        • set up and clean up for regular 30 to 75 minute treatment sessions with pediatric clients
        • direct interaction with clients and occasional interaction with parents of clients
        • preparation of materials and documents for the therapist and/or parents
        • possible engagement in professional development through research, webinars, review of course notes, or in-person conferences
  • Virtual Internships:
    • Project Creation Intership: students work directly with me to create treatment plans, material for this website, presentations, etc.
    • Social Media Internship: students who have a special knack for creating engaging, dynamic, fun, and informative posts are welcome to apply.

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Academic Credit  

All internships with On The Other Hand Therapy are strictly volunteer (unpaid). But internships can count for academic credit; I am willing to work with any university if that would be helpful for the student. OSU students who are enrolled in the HRS-4189 internship class are eligible to earn credit for their internship. In order to enroll, students need to meet with their advisor, write learning objectives, record weekly reflections, and complete 45 internship hours.  

Internship Requirements 

  • Transportation to Bexley, Ohio 43209 for in-person hours; motor group students typically carpool
  • Helpful qualities: adaptable, compassionate, conscientious, creative, curious, dependable, empathetic, hard working, imaginative, inquisitive, kind, motivated   
  • Helpful skills: good communication and problem solving skills
  • Non-smoking
  • Personal and professional references
  • Physical stamina and strength to move equipment (therapy swings, tables, etc.)
  • Previous child care experiences and experience engaging in imaginative play with children
  • Professional conduct: demeanor, language, behavior, attire, reliability, etc.   

Requirements for Virtual Internship Hours

  • Familiarity with Google Suite products (docs, slides, forms, etc.)
  • Ability to work independently: read, watch webinars, research materials, and work on projects
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team and/or supervisor
  • Ability to take initiative on handouts, projects, and complete assigned tasks by date requested
  • Helpful skills: efficient touch typing and editing, time management, communication, good problem solving skills

Learning Objectives
Students who assist with weekly OT treatment sessions may have the opportunity to:

  • Observe and actively help implement effective, evidence-based treatment strategies, protocols, and interventions in a variety of treatment settings for students with a range of learning challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, sensory regulation difficulties, executive function difficulties, attention issues, and developmental delays, whether in person or over a telehealth platform.
  • Develop an understanding of occupational therapy assessment tools, and learn typical and delayed developmental markers/milestones for children ages 4-12 years.
  • Gain exposure to clinical reasoning in treatment planning.
  • Aid therapist(s) in preparing materials and equipment necessary for treatment.
  • Learn note-writing, organization of caseload, and effective communication with administrators, parents, and colleagues.
  • Create promotional materials for families to encourage healthy development of sensory motor skills at home through play.
  • Learn the workings of running a private practice, including billing, managing accounts, professional development, and scheduling.
  • Learn how to balance professional and personal commitments.
  • Observe how an occupational therapist with limited hand function and chronic overuse issues uses accommodations, adaptations, and principles of energy conservation to have a fulfilling work life based on serving others.
  • Ask questions!

Letters of Reference

  • Many students ask me to write letters of reference on their behalf for OT or PT graduate school, and I love being able to advocate for those students who have gone above and beyond during their internships and whom I have gotten to know well.
  • 60 hours is the minimum number of internship hours for me to write a letter of recommendation. This is in order to be fair to the undergraduates who intern with me directly who often fulfill 80-100 hours for their internship classes. For the preschool motor group internship, only students who complete the PMG Leadership Corps are eligible to request a letter of recommendation.
  • Because the OT/PT graduate school application process is so competitive, simply fulfilling the basic requirements of the internship does not enable me to get to know students well enough to write strong letters of recommendation. 
  • But please note that to receive a letter of reference that espouses excellent performance, students must demonstrate excellence during the internship. If I feel that I cannot write a solid letter of reference, I will let students know so that they have an opportunity to improve their performance during the internship.

Additional Information

With all internships, supervision of student interns will be continuous when working directly with pediatric clients. Interns are expected to keep a time log and notebook with practice questions, observations, and notes on supplemental readings. Students also complete independent reading and learning assignments.      

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